Fire and Flood Restoration Mablethorpe

When your home or business has endured damage from a fire or flood, Probuild Contractors Network are here to assist you. Probuild are a national group of building repair professionals. Probuild's professionals are building restoration experts who will restore your property back to its pre-loss state. Our network covers Mablethorpe and all adjacent regions.

Probuild Contractors Network only use flood and fire restoration contractors who are fully trained and have experienced enough repair work to manage this type of specialist restoration. If you have been unlucky enough to have experienced flood or fire damage in your home or business, Probuild are available through our national helpline.

Free Loss Assessing

To guarantee that we provide the best service to our customers, Probuild recommend a nationwide group of independent loss adjusters. As a result, we can now provide a free loss assessing service to all of our insured customers. Instead of you negotiating with your insurer, they will negotiate on your behalf to make sure that you receive a fair and full settlement.

One of the main benefits of employing the loss adjusters that we suggest is that they primarily specialise in assessing fire and flood damage, so they are able to identify all visible and hidden damage in the first instance.

Any hidden damage that was not initially identified may have a negative effect on your insurance pay out, as you will not be paid to cover this damage if it is not detected. If the problems surface after the claim is closed, then you might not be in a position to make an extra claim once the insurance provider has already settled. If you hire Probuild Contractors Network for your fire or flood damage restoration work, we offer free loss adjusting to all our insured clients.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

When your property is damaged by fire, Probuild Contractors Network recognise the impact it has on your everyday life. Apart from the damage that has occurred to your property, there may be personal items that you may never be able to get back. We can assist you by not only repairing your damaged building back to its former glory, we can also provide help and advice in ensuring you receive all you are entitled to with your insurance claim.

Our Mablethorpe fire restoration technicians have the experience and ability to deal all the destruction resulting from a fire to your home or business. This may include dealing with any water damage which often happens as a result of extinguishing a fire. Also there could be damage including burned out wiring that needs to be addressed. Regardless of the amount of damage, we have the skills and ability to carry out all fire damage repair work.

With all work that Probuild Contractors Network undertake, we offer a 2 year guarantee for your peace of mind. We can suggest and even pay the fees of an independent loss adjusting group who can help with your fire insurance claim (see loss adjusters section).

Flood Restoration

In recent times flooding in the UK has become more frequent. With more homes and businesses affected by water damage, we have increased the number of flood restoration contractors in order to cover demand. If your property has suffered from water damage as a result of flooding or a water leak, Probuild can assist you.

With any flood damaged property, before we can begin any reinstatement work, our Mablethorpe flood restoration team will have to eradicate any remaining water and dampness within the inner structure on your property. Water from flooding or a leak can to find its way into hidden areas of the building that may not be immediately identifiable to the untrained eye and result in secondary damage, including mould and damp.

If this is not dealt with in the first instance, it is likely to cause complications after the visible damage has been repaired. While there is water and moisture within the structure of your property, bacteria and dampness can spread. This has the potential to turn into a health risk to the occupants of the property so it must be dealt with immediately. We use the latest drying equipment and infra-red water detection technology to make sure your property is completely dry prior to starting the process of restoring your premises.

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