Fire and Flood Restoration Hammersmith

When your home has endured damage after a fire or flood, we are here to help. Probuild are a nationwide group of building repair specialists. It is our job to make sure that your property is brought back to its pre damaged condition whilst causing as little inconvenience as possible to the property owner. Our contractors cover Hammersmith and all other locations of the UK.

Our contractors are selected based on their building repair skills and fire and flood damage repair experience. We offer a 24 hour helpline so that we're available to offer help day or night. If you're unfortunate enough to have suffered water or fire damage to your home or business we are here to help.

Flood Damage Repair

In recent times flooding in the UK has become more frequent. With more homes and businesses damaged by floods Probuild Contractors Network have had to increase the amount of flood restoration teams in order to cover demand. Our technicians can assist regardless of whether your property has been damaged by a water leak or a major flood.

Before any reinstatement work can be started our Hammersmith flood restoration experts will ensure that any water within the structure of your building will be removed first. Flood Water can to find its way into hidden areas of the building which may not be instantly identifiable to the untrained eye and result in secondary damage.

If secondary water damage is not identified and dealt with it is likely to cause complications after the visible damage has been restored. Whilst there's water or damp within the structure of your home, germs and dampness can spread. This has the potential to turn into a health risk to any residents of the property and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Probuild utilise the latest technology for both the identification and eradication of dampness. This includes drying machines that record any electric consumption so that you can claim any costs back from your insurance provider.

Fire Restoration Services

When your property is damaged by fire, Probuild realise the impact it could have on your life. Apart from the damage that has your property has suffered there may be personal possessions that may be lost forever. Probuild can assist you by not only restoring your damaged property back to its previous state, we can also offer help and guidance in ensuring you are fully compensated with your insurance claim.

Our Hammersmith fire restoration professionals have the experience and ability to repair the damage resulting from a fire to your home or business. This may include managing any water damage that often happens as a result of extinguishing a fire. There are also the effects of smoke damage and heat damage that may impact hidden structures within your property. Something you can be assured of is that regardless of the amount of damage there is, our professionals will manage the project from beginning to end.

On all flood and fire restoration work that Probuild Contractors Network undertake, we offer a full 2 year guarantee for your peace of mind. Probuild can offer a free loss assessing service to all our insured clients. This service helps to ensure that our clients receive the full amount in which they are entitled to from their insurer (see loss assessors section).

Free Loss Adjusting Service

Probuild recommend a an independent loss adjusting company that work on behalf of the public rather than your insurer. The main advantage of this is an independent loss assessor will work on YOUR behalf rather than your insurer. By doing this they can negotiate directly with your insurer to ensure that you are compensated fully.

The independent loss adjusters that we work with make sure that all flood or fire damage is identified at the first instance. This ensures that issues do not arise later once your insurance provider has initially settled your property damage claim. If you employ Probuild Contractors Network to undertake your flood or fire damage repair work we provide a free loss adjusting service to all our insured clients.

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